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Barbur B&B 2017


Hosting of artists at the Barbur Gallery

Barbur gallery is happy to announce for the third time the opening of the annual artists residency program Barbur B&B .

This year 30 artists and artist groups were invited to sojourn at the gallery, each one for one day, during the month of July.

The program starts on the Saturday evening, 01.07, and will continue until 31.07.

Every day and night (except Shabbats) a different artist or artists’ group will stay at the gallery, sleeping, eating, working, performing, and meeting people.

The public is invited to visit the gallery, meet the artists, talk on the works and on life.

The residency participants come from various fields of art — plastic arts, music, dance. theater, performance, poetry, urban arts and critical writing.

Mika Nesher
Maya Aruch
Tomer Dekel
Aniam Dery
Lior Waterman
Eshchar Kliengbiel
Tali Ben Itzhak
Matan Golan
Patricia O’Donovan
Ayala Landaw and Lior Pinsky
Netaly Aylon
Adi Dahan and Flora Deborah
Menachem Roth
Ido Bar El
Itai Ron Gilboa
Ayala Shamir and Vasili Parshin
Dorit Figovich Goddard
Talia Tokatly
Renana Aldor
Yeshayahu Rabinovich
Michal Tobiass
Mika Hazan Bloom
Leila Bari & Alejandra Levy
Roni Doron and Yasmin Kaspin
Koma 6 and party

New Exhibition Opening


Thursday 22.06 at 20:00

Print in Space

An exhibition by the students from a printing class of Bezalel Art Academy

Led by Abraham Kritzman


Rand Azachiman, Arava Asaf, Shlomi Benami, Yael Hovav, Leah Yefet, Meshi Cohen,
Elrie Carmon, Si Mat, Lilach Sabo, Tal Siboni,
Idan Sitbon, Noa Sitton, Noga Farchi


Print In Space was made for Barbur Gallery by students from Bezalel Academy as part of a Printmaking course titled: Abyss Through Heavens and the Reappearing Image, led by Abraham Kritzman.

The deep and ancient relationship between textual artworks and the visual ones has been dealt with extensively over the centuries. But still, it seems the human heart will always have need for more.

This starting point, linking the writer and the artist has been the underlying current of the course. Each time a short story had been chosen to become a bonfire for our tribe, to light up with the text a different unseen part of a practice or to dwell and enrich a known subject. The encounter with the literary text has been an opportunity for the subject to be lit in a new light and help to shift its angles.

Each lesson called upon two gatherings: one surrounding the subject with the text, and the other concentrating on a printmaking technique in the workshop. The printmaking workshop in Bezalel Fine Art department holds within itself the tension between learning and aligning with an ancient tradition — its histories on one hand, and the passion to invent and create something new, to be playful with the materials and processes.

The same tension leaks into every work in the exhibition, walking in the tradition and the proper way in which to use the printmaking techniques and trying out the evasive nature of innovation and one’s own private world. Here we can see the outcome of interactions with printmaking techniques such as screen printing, intaglio, wood and linocuts showing their varied influences.

The students worked with different aspects of printmaking and were asked to think of the relation printmaking could have to the space of the gallery and how it can interact with it. Our working process started with reading texts that have an allegorical relationship with the technical stages in different printmaking techniques, and in the case of the exhibition: William S. Burroughs,  The wild Boys.

The act of repetition in Burroughs’s writing creates a fluid image in transition that depicts a nonlinear reality. In the exhibition we ask how the relationship between the prints and space can be built, change, warp and adopt additional meanings through the multiplicity of the image and its variations in different modes of display. In short, we are curious to see what happens to prints in space……….

Written by Arava Asaf

New Exhibition Opening


Monday 19.06 at 20:00

Print in Space

An exhibition by the students from a printing class of the ultra-Orthodox branch of Bezalel Art Academy

Led by Abraham Kritzman


Michal Harun, Naama Erez, Avishag Roza Arenberg, Merav Batito, Meira Ben Eliyahu, Miriam Bila Brezavsky, Deborah Cohen, Tamar Levanon, Ayala Shira Emanuel, Aliza Tova Krichevsky, Esther Malka Zeruya


Film Screening


Thursday 08.06 at 20:30

Film Screening of the documentary

Pepe’s Last Battle

Director: Michael Alalu

Pepe Alalu, one of the left-secular leaders in Jerusalem, is running for mayor. In a divided city that is becoming more religious and right wing, he knows his chances are low. Still, he believes that his run is important as an idealistic alternative and a ray of hope for the insecure future of the Israeli left-wing. His son, Michael, the director of the film, decides to help Pepe in his fight against windmills.


Gallery talk


Wednesday 07.06 at 19:30

Gallery talk at the exhibition Shared Taxi

with Malki Tesler and the curators Hadas Amster and Merav Kamel


Presentation of a book


Thursday 25.05 at 20:00

Presentation of a book

50 concepts, testimonies and representations of occupation


Index of concepts, testimonies and critical representations published towards the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation. The collection of 50 concepts (by a variety of writers), 50 testimonies (one every year since 1967), were edited by Yishai Menuhin, and 50 representations were selected and edited by Miki Kratsman, David Reeb and Yishai Menuhin.

Participants: Architect Efrat Cohen-Bar (East Jerusalem), Poet Amir Akiva Segal (Shooting and crying), Hagit Ofran (Settlers – us or them?), Dr. Maya Rosenfeld (Palestinian national movement)
Evening coordinator: Dr. Ishai Menuchin, The book editor (Assassinations).

New Exhibition Opening


Thursday 18.05 at 20:00

One person exhibition by Malki Tesler

Shared Taxi

Curators: Hadas Amster and Merav Kamel 


WireTappings Week #2


Tuesday 09.05 at 21:00

James’s Guide into the Light

Asaf James Bar On in an exclusive performance