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Performance by The Ohtoh Olahm Trio


Tuesday 29/05 at 20:30

Performance by  The Ohtoh Olahm Trio

with the participation of Shay-Lee Uziel

After the trio, Nadav Bin Nunwill perform A Shady Performance in the Light (Hebrew)


The Ohtoh Olahm Trio is a veteran artists’ band.  It’s members are Gabi KricheliAvi Sabah, and Pesach Slabosky – all well known in the scene of visual art.  They bring their special music.

New Exhibition Opening


Thursday 17/05 at 20:00

Broken White

by Shay-Lee Uziel

Curator: Pesach Slabosky


Live Music Performance


Thursday 03/05 at 21:00

Tel-Aviv flora & fauna #3

“You can’t discuss ice with a summer insect” – Zhuangzi


Orr Sinai – Double Bass
Shaul Kohan – Acoustic Guitar
Tom Soloveitzik – Saxophones

“In the last couple of months I have regularly met with Orr and Shaul in a quiet rectangular room, out of a desire to deepen the practice of playing and listening together. Splits, repetitions, silences and shifts: these are some of the things that floated in space between us. Imagine a rectangle in a rectangle, one urban landscape inside another, a bow on a bridge. This is the first meeting of this group in Barbur.” Tom Soloveitzik

Poetry Evening


Thursday 03/05 at 19:30

Sideways Roots  

Poetry Evening celebrating the poetry of Gili Haimovich

With the participation of
Dara Barnat
Shawn Edrei
Michael Dickel
Lonnie Monka


Gallery Talk


Friday 27/04 at 12:00

Gallery Talk at the Exhibition “My Heart Isn’t Synchronized With Technology”

with the artist Tamar Lewinsohn and the curator Abraham Kritzman

April Wire-tappings


Monday 23/04 at 21:00

April Wire-tappings

Traditional and new musical approaches to the acoustic and electric guitar:
Contemporary Jazz – Free Improv – Electronic – Classical

Featuring Steve PeskoffOfer GanorShaul Kohan
Jean Claude (JC) Jones
Gerard Pansanel – special guest artist visiting from France

The Jerusalem Municipality again intervenes in the gallery’s activities


Today, Thursday, 12.4.2018, at 13:00 there will be a hearing in the Shalom Court concerning the Municipality’s claim to prevent an open meeting and discussion on the upcoming Memorial Day ceremony in Tel Aviv next week.

Barbur Gallery finds itself again at the center of the political struggles of Nir Barkat and Miri Regev.
The gallery operates in a certified building and all activities are conducted by law. The municipality’s arguments are fraught with errors and contradictions, and the repeated demands to intervene in the content severely undermine the possibility of expressing and hearing diverse and controversial opinions, and constitute a grave meeting of freedom of speech and democracy.
Despite the threats, we will continue to act within the framework of the law and for an open, inclusive and tolerant dialogue.