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Live Music at Barbur


Thursday 7/04 at 21:00

Double Feature: Amy McNight and Present Simple


Weeds – new exhibition opening this week.


Wednesday 18/11 at 20:00

Weeds – 2015 graduates’ exhibition of Jerusalem’s fine art schools

Participants: Eran Abukassis, Natalie Afriat, Maayan Gur, Anna Sgan-Cohen, Adi Tal, Shir Cohen, Hadas Duchan, Hadas Amster, Yael Ben David, Rachel Lavian, Matan Golan, Shahar Davis, Amir Meir, Omri Spitzer, Gidon Levy


During the exhibition – sound and performance events every Wednesday at 20:00

All you wanted to know about Public Housing – the Third meeting


Tuesday 17/11 at 19:30

Lack of shelter and its consequences

Lecturer: Riki Cohen Benlulu


What is public housing? What is the history of public housing in Israel, who lives in public housing and why? The struggles ever since – what are the laws? How public housing is presented in the media? Criteria – about  failed rent assistance mechanisms. Housing and urban regeneration. What happens when there is no public housing?