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STRATA – upcoming installations, shows and events


STRATA  – is an ongoing multi-layered exhibition by the Jerusalem sound gallery. Through the 8th of September there are sound and video installations, soundwalks, performances, lectures and workshops. visit our FB page for (almost) daily updates/

here you can download exciting audio files for your next soundwalk!


Strata – new exhibition opening


Thursday 3.9 19:00

Barbur gallery hosts the Jerusalem sound gallery in a new exhibition.

Curators: Yaniv Kuris, Yafit Reuveny, Or Sarfati
Artistic supervisor: Faye Shapiro

Participants: Avigail Immanuel, Eyal Bitton, Or Sarfati, Dafi Sapunar,Yaniv Kuris, Yaniv Schonfeld, Yafit Reuveny, Lior Pinsky, MR ,Nadav Gerber ,Shelly Renan-Kuris, Ayala Landow

STRATA is made of layers which document, re-live, and define the current field of action of the Jerusalem Sound Gallery. A collective of sound artists and musicians founded by Yafit Reuveny, Nadav Gerber and Yaniv Kuris in 2010.

The group members, who met during their studies at the Musrara school of new music worked for a few months in a space which was given to them close to the Uganda Pub by its owners. Despite the short time of activity the sound gallery succeeded in creating echos around exhibitions, installations and shows of experimental music in Jerusalem.

In the years since, the collective continues to create together, in different formations : in public spaces, in guided sound-walks, and performances in different contexts. In all their activities, the group asks the question of place and space as an artistic, acoustic and existential question.


Making Contact – Dialogue Through Art


This week we’ll have slightly different opening hours:

Sun 23.8, 16-19
Mon 24.8 15-20
Tue 25.8 16-19
Wen 26.8 16-20
Thur 27.8 16-19
Fri 28.8 10-13
Come and see the exhibition “Making Contact – Dialogue Through Art”, which is really beautiful!

Screening of the movie “The law in these parts”


Thursday 20/8 at 20:00

The law in these parts  

A Film by Ra’anan Alexandrowicz and Liran Atzmor


Since Israel conquered the territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the 1967 war, the military has imposed thousands of orders and laws, established military courts, sentenced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

The Law In These Parts explores this unprecedented and little-known story through testimonies of the military legal professionals who were the architects of the system and helped run it in its formative years. The film attempts to ask some crucial questions that are often skirted or avoided: Can such an occupation be achieved within a legal framework that includes genuine adherence to the principles of rule-of-law? Should it? What are the costs that a society engaged in such a long term exercise must bear? And what are the implications of the very effort to make a documentary film about such a system?

Screening initiative: Aya Gavriel

New Exhibition Opening: Making Contact – Dialogue Through Art


Wednesday 19/8 at 19:00

Making Contact – Dialogue Through Art

Making Contact – Dialogue Through Art” is a joint project undertaken by the Shekel Association’s “Si’im, Channels in the Community” department, the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, and the School of Visual Theater.

The project is based on the conception of art as a visual language transgressing the limits of conventional ties and relations among people, and enables them to connect and create in collaboration among creative artists.

Curators and project coordinators: Li Lorian and Asaf Elkalai


facebook event:



Sunday 16/8 at 21:00


Interdisciplinary performance event.
Four works occur one after the other, on top and beside each other, and create a multi-sensory collage.

Curator of the event: Ayala Shamir


Body/Non Body
Maya Reshef (movement, instalation) & Keren Ofer (sound)
Meydad Eliyahu (drawing) & Uri Agnon (sound)
Rough Generalizations
Berenika Shneider (Butoh Dance Improvisation)
Handing Out, First Edition
Ayala Shamir (movement, sound) & Lior Pinsky (sound)

facebook event:



Thursday 13/8

at 20:00

Wiretappings – Reflections

Electro-acoustic music
Tomer Baruch (reflector)
Adam Cohen (percussion)
Ayala Shamir (cello)
Tal Avraham (trumpet)
Denis Sobolev (electric guitar)

Reflector is a digital instrument based on sampling and live processing. During the evening, four musicians will meet for four improvisation duos of ten minutes, attempting to play in front of their own reflection. Sort of the musical version of making faces to the mirror.


New Exhibition Opening


unnamed (2)

Monday 10/8 Launch of “37%” Website and Opening of Photography Exhibition by Tomer Apelbaum

20:00 Gathering and the exhibition opening

20:30 Gallery talk with Almog Baharand Khaled Khatib

Barbur Gallery is hosting the Ir Amim for the launch of “37%” website and the opening of the photography exhibition by Tomer Apelbaum.

Exhibition Curator: Tammy Riklis

The “37% – East Jerusalem Stories” project was born in the wake of the violent summer of 2014, which left Jerusalem shaken and on edge. “37%” is designed to create a space—within the constraints of the current reality of the city—that recognizes the lives of Palestinians in Jerusalem—37% of the city’s population.  Newspaper headlines, statistics and slogans cannot capture the reality of real people’s everyday lives. The project is not intended to steer away from political dialog. The political is inescapably present in every grain of life in Jerusalem.  At core, the project reflects the idea that the personal is political and the political is personal, aiming to reduce the artificial distinction between the two. Each week during  the summer, we will upload new stories of men and women of diverse ages, occupations, backgrounds and neighborhoods that combine to form a portrait—partial but vital—of East Jerusalem and its people.

The exhibition will be on display through August 13th.

See the project online at: