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MEDIUM – a performative exhibition by Maya Resheff and Faye Shapiro


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MEDIUM a performative exhibition by Faye Shapiro and Maya Resheff< opens monday 23.5 at 20:00 >
In their upcoming exhibition Maya Resheff and Faye Shapiro create a ritualistic space of practicing the crossover to a medial state of being.
with minimal means of sound, video and crafted objects the gallery space transforms into a performative, changing place which takes hold of the body and conducts in it questions about the connecting tissues, the Prima Materia, the will which moves the hand, the voices in our head, the powers of inspiration and the spirits of life.
Resheff’s and Shapiro’s performative actions center around voice and movement and seek to locate a medial body and a polyphonic expression to different states of consciousness and listening.

as a part of the exhibition the artists will perform at the space, entrance is free:

Mon. 30.5, Tues. 31.5, Wed. 1.6, Mon. 6.6, Tues.7.6, Wed.8.6 at 16:00 – 17:00.
Thursdays 2.6, 9.6 at 20:00
Show closes on Friday 10.6 at 12:00

Live Music at Barbur


Thursday 7/04 at 21:00

Double Feature: Amy McNight and Present Simple


Weeds – new exhibition opening this week.


Wednesday 18/11 at 20:00

Weeds – 2015 graduates’ exhibition of Jerusalem’s fine art schools

Participants: Eran Abukassis, Natalie Afriat, Maayan Gur, Anna Sgan-Cohen, Adi Tal, Shir Cohen, Hadas Duchan, Hadas Amster, Yael Ben David, Rachel Lavian, Matan Golan, Shahar Davis, Amir Meir, Omri Spitzer, Gidon Levy


During the exhibition – sound and performance events every Wednesday at 20:00