Wednesday 19/04 at 20:00

Presentation of the book: Off-photo – The other side of Israeli photography

Gama Publishing


Who and why? Who refused to be photographed and when? For what purpose were dozens of close-ups of Jewish faces used? Can a photograph be a unique and sacred relic? Who gives titles to photographs and sometimes thus frames the apparent abundance into a narrow stereotype? What is the mode of action of the self-portrait in photography, and of the portrait being done by a photographer? How do politicians’ photographs shape the public atmosphere? What is the significance of the family photos that filled our albums and that now flood your mobile phones and computers? And what is between artistic and documentary photography?

Off Photo book seeks to answer these questions and opens the door to countless new issues.

Articles by the top researchers in the field – about the key photo that survived the Holocaust, how Mizrachim were photographed in Israel, on the theory of photography, and on the photographs of Miri Regev in the press! Articles by Ami Steinitz, Talila Kush-Zohar, Orit Bashkin, Mimi Haskin, Sivan Rajuan Shtang, Noa Hazan, Amos Morris-Reich, Ktzia Alon, Zmira Poran Zion, Omri Ben Yehuda, Liat Sides, Tal Dekel