Thursday 25.05 at 20:00

Presentation of a book

50 concepts, testimonies and representations of occupation


Index of concepts, testimonies and critical representations published towards the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation. The collection of 50 concepts (by a variety of writers), 50 testimonies (one every year since 1967), were edited by Yishai Menuhin, and 50 representations were selected and edited by Miki Kratsman, David Reeb and Yishai Menuhin.

Participants: Architect Efrat Cohen-Bar (East Jerusalem), Poet Amir Akiva Segal (Shooting and crying), Hagit Ofran (Settlers – us or them?), Dr. Maya Rosenfeld (Palestinian national movement)
Evening coordinator: Dr. Ishai Menuchin, The book editor (Assassinations).