Menachem Roth was born in Jerusalem, 1975, to a Jewish Ultra-Orthodox family. Roth left the Hassidic society at the age of 18. His work derives from his biography and describes his ambivalent relationship with the world he left.

In 2005 he graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (B.F.A), and continued to his M.F.A. at the KHM – Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany (2008). He received several scholarships and awards including: The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund (2015), DAAD-Preis für ausländische Studierende, Cologne (2007), Ehud Elchanani Award for Graduate with Honors, Bazalel Academy of Art (2005), American Israel Cultural Foundation (2004), Gesher – The Israeli Multicultural Film Foundation (2004).

Roth’s work addresses Jewish identity, Yiddish, Holocaust representations, Feminism and critical view upon the Ultra-Orthodox society. His most prominent work, Persued (2012), is a documentary in which Roth confronts the man who sexually abused him while attending an ultra-Orthodox boarding school. It was screened in various film festivals all around the globe and in many television stations in Israel and other countries, and received a great deal of media attention and an outstanding amount of personal reactions from viewers.

Menachem Roth is working and living in Jerusalem with his partner and their two Yiddish-speaking daughters. He is a cinema teacher at the Charles E. Smith Jerusalem High School of Arts and teaches at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. His next project depicts the life of a Forced-Ultra-Orthodox group (i.e. individuals who are unable to leave the Ultra-Orthodox society).