Renana aldor

Renana Aldor, born 1988, Jerusalem. Artist, in the field of Animation, Video and Installation. Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors from the Screen Based Arts Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, 2015. Her work was showcased in different Festivals, such as – ‘The 19th Japan Media Arts Festival’ Jury selection, Tokyo, Japan (2016), and the ‘33rd Jerusalem Film Festival’ (2016). Her film ‘La femme qui cherche’ was awarded with production funding from ‘The New Fund for Cinema and Television’ (2015). Aldor is also a member of the ‘Aesthetics and Bias’ project between Bezalel and four Academies in Poland (2014-2017), and part of ‘The Underground Academy’ residence program, at the Mamuta Art and Media Center, Jerusalem (2017).

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