Monday 25/06 at 20:00

Opening of the exhibition Print in Space

An exhibition by the students from a print making class of the ultra-Orthodox branch of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Led by Abraham Kritzman


During the past year we have collected work methods and thoughts surrounding the world of print. We started from thoughts about print and portrait, and continued to the spaces between portraits: modes of description and approaches to the concept of portrait, conceptual systems of observation, and means of expressive expression in reprinting.

This exhibition summarizes, in a final challenge, the year of the course: from the immediate surroundings, the interior and the view to the space that surrounds us and within us. It puts the question of “print in space”: What can be the relationship between print and space? The students worked with these questions with reference to the gallery space and means of representation and action resulting from the print techniques.

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