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All you didn’t want to know about East Jerusalem
and were afraid to ask

The second meeting


Monday 20.03, 20:30

Niv Hachlili and Elan Frenkel will talk about education and environmental justice in East Jerusalem.

Relevant links:

Ir-Amim – organization dealing mostly with Jerusalem issues

Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights

Israel’s Security Fence – Ministry of Defence official site

B’tselem about East Jerusalem

B’tselem – about the Village of Sheikh Sa’ed

B’tselem – about Nu’man

Niv Hachlili’s article about the education system in East Jerusalem in “Haaretz”:
Who teaches the children?


Exchange Market at Barbur Courtyard


There is always someone that needs what you have no use for anymore.


On Tuesday 14.03 from 12:00 till evening , for the first time in Barbur and in the neighborhood – Exchange Market!

You are invited to bring anything you don’t need and don’t use anymore and to take anything you think may be useful for you.
There will be clothes, books, different objects and toys.
Also – animals for adoption, people with ideas, “Food not Bombs” and more…
Live Music throughout the afternoon: DJ latifa, Tomer Harari, Gilad Roth, Grupa Neve Yakoba, Adi and Tom and more…

The Market will allow people to meet and trade goods or services without the exchange of money.
It can be a starting point for creating lists of people that offer their qualifications, abilities and services for exchage. We hope that will enable a growing use of Barter as a way for local trade. See you on Tuesday.

More information about the market by phone: 050-6469967

New exhibition in Barbur:

“Paintings”, Ofer Cohen and Amir Leder


On Monday 13.03 at 20:00 there will be the opening of a new exhibition in Barbur. This time we welcome two painters – Amir Leder and Ofer Cohen. They work in quite different ways and mediums: Amir paints on computer(!) and Ofer paints with simple kid’s gouache on wood boards. They have met in Barbur, became interested in each one works and decided to exhibit together. We are looking forward to see the result.

Amir Leder, “Mangal”

Ofer Cohen, Untitled

Screenings at Barbur:

“Shalom Abu Bassem”


Thursday 09.03, 20:30

A film by Nissim Mossek
“Shalom Abu Bassem”

Over a period of nearly two decades, Nissim Mossek filmed two families living on Haladiya Street in the Moslem Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City.
The family of Abu Bassam, long-time Moslem residents and the family of Danny Robbins, Jewish settlers, live close to each and their lives reflect the events that have occurred on Haladiya Street.

Is it possible for two men and their families to live together on Haladiya Street, given the street’s history and the background of conflict, murder, and hate?


All you didn’t want to know about East Jerusalem

and were afraid to ask


Thursday 02.03, 20:30 to 21:00

All you didn’t want to know about East Jerusalem and were afraid to ask

Video materials and overview
about politics, environment, education, planning, the wall, present and future…
by Niv Hachlili (Haaretz) and Elan Frenkel (Alternative Information Center)

You may also find these interesting:

Video clips about the wall in Jerusalem

Video clips about house demolitions in Jerusalem

Btselem – East Jerusalem

Machsom Watch Website

Niv Hachlili’s article about the education system in East Jerusalem in “Haaretz”:
Who teaches the children?

Screenings at Barbur:



Monday 27.02, 20:30

A film by Asher Tlalim

“‘Galoot’ (‘exile’ in Hebrew) is an intimate and introspective diary that touches the seeds of the pains and tragedies transformed nowadays into the locked Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Following his wife who went to make her PhD in London, Israeli filmmaker Asher de Bentolila Tlalim, who has authoured over forty films, finds himself in temporary exile. This distance provides him with the opportunity to observe the conflict with a new and provocative gaze. Taking “me” as his starting point, the filmmaker conveys a universal message.”

Asher Tlalim, who is living in London, is visiting Jerusalem at the moment and will be present at the screening. We hope to have an interesting discussion after the film.