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Our friends from Vienna in Barbur, again.


We are happy to have Karin Schneider and Friedemann Derschmidt in Barbur again (actually the first ever event in Barbur was the pocket-exhibition of their Permanent Breakfast project, and the breakfast itself. Tasty.). This time Stefan Nowotny is joining them too.

The calendar of events is as follows:
Tuesday 19:00 07.02
Presentation of the Project Roma Blood and pocket exhibition opening
Gypsy Musicians donate blood to non-Roman musicians.
A statement criticizing the practices of positive racism.
Project webpage

Saturday 20:30 11.02
“Culture Conflict without Culture”
Two think pieces by Stefan Nowotny and Ari Joskowicz followed by an open discussion (and supper…)

Live music at Barbur


Monday 23.01 at 21:00

A concert of Moshe Chouraki
Michael Zakkai, Bass

Screenings at Barbur

“White Walls”


Thursday 19.01 at 21:00
White Walls

a film by Meital Abukasis


There will be a meeting with Meital Abukasis after the screening.