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New exhibition in Barbur


On Tuesday 14.02 we’ve had the “first” opening of Shachar Sivan’s and Yotam Koperberg’s exhibition. It was rainy and cold outside and really warm in the gallery.

Shachar and Yotam are living in Barbur for six days already and had turned it into their workshop. It is messy and curious.

On Wednesday 22.02 at 20:00 we’ll have the official opening of the show.

New exhibition in Barbur


Today, 12.02, Shachar Sivan and Yotam Koperberg, artists from Haifa, came to Barbur and started to work on their new show. They have brought a lot of stuff (3(!) full cars) with them from their studio and plan to find and construct a lot of new one. All of us are very curious.
On Tuesday 14.02 at 20:00 we’ll have the first opening of their exhibition. After the event Shachar and Yotam will live and work in the gallery for another week. Then, on 22.02, we’ll have the second opening.
There will be a lot of fun and surprises!

Tamar Getter in Barbur


Monday 13.02 20:30

We are happy to welcome Tamar Getter with the evening of her video works, from 70’s till now.

Lecture and dinner


Saturday evening, 11.02 20:30
“Culture Conflict without Culture”
two think pieces by Stefan Nowotny and Ari Joskowicz followed by an open discussion (and dinner…)

Screenings at Barbur:

“For an Imperfect Cinema”


Thursday 09.02, 21:00

A Film by Erez Pery and Oren Sananes
“For an Imperfect Cinema”

From the film’s promo materials:

“For an Imperfect Cinema” is first of all a collage of frozen images that tries to create an alternative histories to the official hegemonic history of the state of Israel and the entire Western Culture. By producing an images and counter-images, this film tries to call for a social and cultural struggle against the knowledge institutional centers and the current political reign in Israel.

The crew:

  • Producers, directors, screenwriters, photographers, editors: Erez Pery, Oren Sananes.
  • Original soundtrack- Amir Ivgi (theme song “Viki returns home” lyrics: Erez Pery melody: Amir Ivgi.
  • Music: Beethoven – Symphony No.9 ‘Choral’ (Molto vivace), John Coltrane – In a Sentimental Mood, Eddi Vedder, Zohar Argov – Et Dodim Kala, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Eddie Vedder – The Face of Love (Dead Man Walking – the original motion picture soundtrack).
  • Interviews with: Emil (Mimel) Yaron, Yehezkel Kamah.
  • Cast: Erez Pery, 0ren Sananes.

As usual, there will be a talk with the director after the screening. Erez Pery will talk about cinema and civil struggle.

Erez Pery’s article at Hagada Hasmalit


Our friends from Vienna in Barbur, again.


We are happy to have Karin Schneider and Friedemann Derschmidt in Barbur again (actually the first ever event in Barbur was the pocket-exhibition of their Permanent Breakfast project, and the breakfast itself. Tasty.). This time Stefan Nowotny is joining them too.

The calendar of events is as follows:
Tuesday 19:00 07.02
Presentation of the Project Roma Blood and pocket exhibition opening
Gypsy Musicians donate blood to non-Roman musicians.
A statement criticizing the practices of positive racism.
Project webpage

Saturday 20:30 11.02
“Culture Conflict without Culture”
Two think pieces by Stefan Nowotny and Ari Joskowicz followed by an open discussion (and supper…)