Barbur Gallery is an independent, nonprofit, space for art and artists. Barbur was open in July 2005 by the group of young artist, just graduated from the art department of Bezalel Academy for Art and Design.

For the last eleven years, our regular framework consists of monthly exhibitions and weekly screenings, lectures, workshops. The exhibitions held in Barbur are aimed at promoting young and mature artists and artist’s project, looking for works that we find interesting and important and were not given the attention or exposure by the art scene in Israel. We are currently promoting several running projects with local communities, one of them is developing a community garden in the gallery’s yard and the other is a small lending library of books and films concentrating on art – artists and theory, Middle East and Israel – culture, education, architecture, politics and history. The gallery also has a long running experimental music series: Wire-tappings, and hosts different groups, initiatives and NGOs .

The gallery consists of one exhibition hall (6×10 meters), a small kitchen and a glass balcony for the use of guests.

We see Barbur as a space for art from and for the local communities and we also seek to create new communities – through ours and others initiatives.

We invite anyone who finds interest in what we do, to participate, arrive at the gallery or write to us.

Current team:

Michal Rapaport, Abraham Kritzman, Lars Sergel, Hadas Amster, Masha Zusman, Vasili Parshin, Merav Kamel, Denis Mashkevich, David Raphael Lockard, Reut Yeshayahu, Tama Haleli Bar and Haya Cohen.