Barbur Gallery and the Bar Kayma foundation celebrate and applaud the decision of the Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Nir Barkat, to not close down Barbur Gallery, and wish to thank those who helped find an alternative location for the neighborhood’s new kindergarten.

These past few years, the gallery has faced an ongoing threat of closure due to the growing shortage of public spaces and kindergartens in the neighborhood. Last year, the gallery even had to vacate its location for a period of five months for the sake of a neighborhood kindergarten undergoing renovations. The gallery team is aware of the lack of suitable public spaces, and of kindergartens in particular, especially in an area as dense and complex as that of Nahlaot and the city center. Nevertheless, the position of the Barbur team and its supporters is that the much-needed opening of a new kindergarten shouldn’t be at the expense of an active and respected cultural community center. We stand firmly behind the Lev Ha-Ir community administration, the municipality of Jerusalem, and the Ministry of Education in their efforts to construct new classrooms.

We send out our gratitude and appreciation to all those who’ve taken interest and gave their support to finding a solution accepted by all sides – a rare occasion in Jerusalem… A big thank you to Ofer Berkovitch, deputy mayor of Jerusalem, and in charge of Cultural Matters and city center development, and to Ariela Rajuan, the Mayor’s advisor on Educational Affairs, who got to the bottom of the issue and were able to find a solution for the kindergarten and thus guarantee the gallery’s place in the neighborhood and cultural scene.

Special thanks to City Council member Pepe Alalu who supported our efforts throughout; to Yannai Kranzler, member of the Lev Ha-Ir community administration, for his support and fruitful cooperation; to Rav Aharon Leibovitz for his support while serving as the Lev HaIr director, to the Tzahor Foundation and to attorney Yossi Havilio for his legal guidance.

A big thank you to the general public who came, took interest, and supported us the whole way; to the residents of Nahlaot and the city center who signed petitions and gave their encouragement; to Jerusalem’s cultural institution administrators for support ; to the community of artists from across the country who stood behind us; to the journalists who took interest and to anyone who supported, shared, and provided love.

We are happy and excited for the summer’s upcoming exhibitions and other activities – first and foremost Barbur’s 10-year anniversary special this coming July.