On April 16 -17 we hosted in Barbur two days workshop “A Matter of Scale” by the German artists Jan Köchermann, a lecturer in Hochschule Wissenschaften, Hamburg School of Art and Design, and Yenni Tietze with the participation of students from the Art Department of Bezalel.

The aim of the workshop was to create and produce a model for a one-man show for a specific space ‐ KX Gallery in Hamburg, Germany, which is, like Barbur, run by a group of young artists.


Jan Köchermann has built and brought to Barbur a large model of the KX Gallery, consisting all details and refering to its unique space. The partisipants were asked to propose and build model of their own one-man show. Each model was photographed and documented from different angels.
At the end of the workshop the slideshow of all the images were shown at the presentation event in Barbur and at the end of the year the photos will be exhibited at the KX Gallery in Hamburg.


The regular procedure in using a model is to plan and arrange an exhibition before entering the real space. In this case, the model is replacing the gallery itself.
This will raise new questions concerning the approach to the work and it’s dimensions and also gives the possibility to play and to work with ordinary materials in a short period (and with a low budget).

The event became possible thanks to personal efforts of our dear friend Irit Hemmo, an artist and lecture in the Art Department of Bezalel.