Thursday, May 18, 20:00


Just Married
a film by Ayelet Bechar

‘Just Married’ is the story of two Palestinian couples who decided to marry knowing that it would be impossible for them to live together in Israel. For Kifah, the new law is a slap in the face. She is an educated career woman who is politically active and believes in coexistence and the peace process. She goes to live in Berlin with her Gaza-born spouse Yazed. Suhad, a 23-year-old student from Bethlehem, is engagrd to Rabee, who has an Israeli ID. After the wedding , she becomes an illegal resident in her new home Jerusalem. In order to visit her parents, she must sneak through the gaps in the concrete wall that is gradually rising around her. When she becomes pregnant, her journey is increasingly complicated.

After the screening there will be an open discussion
with the director Ayelet Bechar and people featured in the film,
together with the lawyers Lea Zemel, Mokhlis Abu El’hof and Yael Berda