On Thursday January 4, at 20:30
we’ll screen the film by Ronen Amar
Producer Osnat Trabelsi
Documentary, 60 min
Hebrew, Eglish Translation

“If there was a moment in my life when I knew what I want of myself, it seems I had missed it. I want to leave my mark in the history books and at the same time I like to sleep and idle. Now I can’t mull over this anymore, the options are in front of me and I have to choose. To learn from my rich uncle and try to devour life like he does, or is it better to get out of the race after money and power and let others to conquer the world.”

The filmmaker Ronen Amar (winner of the first prize at Doc-Aviv festival for “My Family’s Pizza”) follows two totally different characters, both residents of the southern town Netivot which he is originally from.. Amar follows his cousin Eyal Mesika – a succesful building contractor who has decided to run for mayor’s office and change the reality of the town, and his friend Koko Sha’harabani – who has chosen to “withdraw from the race” and search for himself. As the local elections approach, both of Amar’s heros now both face a crossroad in their lives. Both are desperately looking for the right path and both are subject to dilemmas which will ultimately force them to assume responsibility for their destiny.