April 1-3, 4pm-11pm
Alphabet Club compound, Ahad Ha’am 54, Tel Aviv

Barbur54: Benefit Exhibition

Barbur Gallery is facing immediate shutdown due to eviction proceedings instigated by the Jerusalem municipality. Funds raised in this exhibition will be devoted to the struggle for the continued existence of the gallery – a home for pluralistic, open culture since its founding as a non-profit in 2005.

Hundreds of artists from across the country have contributed work in the effort to ensure the existence of this community-centered gallery. Located in the center of Nahlaot, adjacent to Mahane Yehuda market, it is a unique and important fixture in the neighborhood and serves the efforts to revitalize the city center. Three days of art, performances and lectures will be held in the center of Tel Aviv, exactly one month before the court hearing.

Barbur is in the midst of a struggle for its existence, despite its long track record of serving as an open home for Jerusalem’s diverse population. In its 13 years of activity, Barbur has upheld a unique galley model: combining the display of professional contemporary art along with diverse cultural, social and community programming directed at a range of different audiences – artists and art lovers, neighborhood residents and students, secular and religious, children and elderly. The gallery has staged nearly 200 exhibitions, thousands of music, poetry, literature, film and dance events, dozens of workshops and courses for students and the general public, lectures and seminars. A special emphasis is placed on facilitating engagement between the diverse populations of the immediate neighborhood. The gallery also serves as a home for various activities and neighborhood initiatives that relate to the art exhibitions, including a drawing class for senior citizens, workshops for neighborhood children, and a community garden. Other unique undertakings we host include an ultra-Orthodox culture group, exhibitions and meetings of SHEKEL members (Inclusion for People with Disabilities) exhibitions of art students from Bezalel and the ultra-Orthodox branch of Bezalel, and of Enosh, the Israeli Mental Health Association.

The gallery’s struggle is part of a national struggle for freedom in art and freedom of expression. The role of cultural and artistic institutions is to serve as a home for a variety of voices. To be places where opposing sides meet, and where a wide range of views are found. It is crucial that we discuss controversial content with no fear, and it is our role to give such topics a stage and facilitate a respectful, balanced, and unbiased discourse around them.

Join us for a Benefit exhibition, Lectures, and Music.