“The sickness spread everywhere. No longer were there individual destinies;
only a collective destiny, made of plague and the emotions shared by all.”

Albert Camus The Plague

Last Sunday, 14.05.2006, The Supreme Court of Israel issued a 6-5 decision upholding the legality the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, which limits the rights of Palestinians to live in Israel.
The law, passed by the Knesset in 2003, allows only Palestinian women 25 years or older and men 35 years or older to join their families in Israel and eventually be eligible for full citizenship. In its opinion, the majority held that the law does not infringe upon the constitutional rights of Israelis, and if it does, that harm is “measured.” The court’s minority wrote that the law violates the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty by infringing on the right to family life.

For better understanding of the supreme court’s decision and the future implications of it, we would like to suggest a series of lectures, screenings and meetings with lawyers and organisations dealing with relevant issues.
In doing so we hope to create an open and critical debate in which different voices are being heard allowing us to rethink and reconstruct our place as humans living in Israel-Palestine.

We started by screening Ayelet Bechar’s movie, Just Married, and continued with a discussion with the director, the participants of the movie and the lawyers Yael Berda and Mokhlis Abu Elhof.
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