Maya Sharabani (B. 1985 in Montreal) lives and works in Tel Aviv. She received her BFA from the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, and studied an exchange semester at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto.
Her works span across mediums featuring performance, photography and sculpture. Maya moves between her individual practice to complex collaborative work with other artists challenging the very concept of how and who makes art. Alongside her artistic practice, Maya is a therapeutic yoga teacher and a researcher of “all things body” in culture. These fields of knowledge and
experience continues to fuel and inspire her art.
Sharabani was the founder and host of the internet project F.B.X at the BAAD reservoir gallery in the Bezalel MFA program and created “Q&A with the artist”, a reaction event to the Christian Yankovsky Show at CCA Tel Aviv and is a recipient of the Rabinovitch Art Fund Prize (2019). Her works were performed and exhibited in galleries and museums across Israel, among them -Mazeh 9, The CCA, The Tel Aviv Artist workshops, The Israel museum in Jerusalem Atar – residency and gallery in Jaffa museum and more.