Friday 18/10/2019 12:00


Michal Rappaport, Lars Sergel, Mina Reingold, Masha Zusman, Vasili Parshin, David Raphael Lockard, Tama Ovadia, Reut Yeshayahu, Abraham Kritzman, Denis Mashkevich and Hadas Amster

We are pleased to invite you to the group exhibition by the members of Barbur Gallery.
The exhibition incorporates sculpture, photography, video, drawing, sound, performance and painting.

We chose ‘Thick’ as the show’s title as it suggests a variety of ways in which we experience our surroundings today. We work in diverse fields, and of course experience circumstances around us in a variety of ways, as individuals and together. But in the gallery and outside of it, we share a sense of operating in a ‘thick’ common space. This general statement extends to different strata: thick as a situation that entails density; as a texture characterized by resistance to movement; a difficulty to comprehend or to get out of, a clouding of the possibility to see clearly.