Thursday 12.4 at 20:00

Joint Memorial Ceremony – Why on this particular day?

The Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families Forum and the Combatants for Peace movement invite you to an open discussion for the ceremony. You are invited to come and ask us questions about the ceremony and tell us what you feel about it.

Will there be families of terrorists there?
How can we compare them?
Why this day?
Do not you think it’s a disgrace to Memorial Day?

For the past decade, a special ceremony took place on the eve of Memorial Day, in which Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families choose to remember their loved ones together and demand a solution to the conflict that will prevent further bloodshed.
Over the years, more and more Israelis and Palestinians joined these families and the 200 people who attended the first ceremony grew to nearly 5,000 who attended the ceremony last year
Together with the increase in the number of participants, the joint ceremony is becoming more and more common to Israeli public discourse and is arousing a lively debate about the existence of such a ceremony on the eve of Memorial Day.

We are proud of the ceremony and have nothing to hide about it, and it is very important for us to hear what you think face to face and not just through a keyboard. Therefore, we would be especially pleased if those of you who do not agree with our path will come to the meeting.
The meeting will include representatives of bereaved families – we want to maintain a respectful and tolerant discourse.