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Party in Barbur


Wednesday, July 5, 20:30:

We’ve finished the first stage of the reconstructions and the first year of activity,
so we’re throwing a Small Party in Barbur.

Screenings at Barbur

Mukanda Model


Thursday, June 27, 21:00

Mukanda Model
The film by Hai Cohen

The Director, Hai Cohen, was injured in 1986 diving into a swimming pool. After a period of adjustment, he found a man willing, in exchange for boarding and a monthly salary, to help him with the daily tasks he is now unable to perform such as showering, squeezing grapefruit juice or opening presents. This man’s name is Samuel Mukanda and he has lived in Hai’s home for the past 10 years. The relationship that develops between the two can almost be compared to the one a person might have with his own hands. But at the same time it is a great mystery. Samuel was born and raised in a small village in Northern Kenya. His wife and children live in a large stone house paid for by his wages. He spends with them one month each year. Since there is no electricity or running water life there revolves around basic tasks: Cultivating corn, collecting rain-water, and cooking over an open flame. Samuel’s life includes two such different worlds, and passing between them is almost like traveling through time. He journeys between the two, motivated by a strong sense of duty.

Gallery talk


Today, Wednesday, June 27, at 20:00 we’ll have the meeting with Meir Appelfeld, Amnon Ben Ami, Nomi Bruckmann and Pesach Slabosky – the artists that are exhibiting at the Barbur’s current show “Shamelessly Painting in 2006”

Screenings at Barbur

Leftovers from a picnic 1 & 2


Thursday, June 22, 21:00

Leftovers from a Picnic, two video works by Joel Kantor

The video, Leftovers from a Picnic, No.1, was produced especially for the Jewish Film Festival held in Barcelona in 2001. The film focuses on life in central Tel Aviv, and follows a set of situations which reflect various aspects of Israeli life. From a cobbler (a Holocaust survivor) during his coffee break to Israel’s 50th anniversary celebrations, as they were celebrated in the “Tikvah Village”. The selection is 45 minutes long, edited from 100 hours of footage shot between 1996-2001 by photographer Joel Kantor.

Leftovers from a Picnic, No.2 is a ten minute documentary focusing on Jerusalem scenes of life. The film, made by Joel and Oren Kantor, was produced for an exhibition at the Agrippas 12 Gallery in 2005.

This is the first time these two films are being screened for the Israeli public.

New exhibition in Barbur

Shamelessly Painting in 2006


On Tuesday, June 13 a new exhibition – Shamelessly Painting in 2006 – was opened in Barbur.

Artists participating in the show:
Meir Appelfeld,
Amnon Ben Ami,
Nomi Bruckmann
Pesach Slabosky.

Nearly ten years ago, an artist whose work would be most described as conceptual once invited me to meet his students. He asked me in front of them what was my consciousness, as someone for whom painting is the center of artmaking. I answered that we—artists like that—are the ones who, when they said that you are not supposed to paint, were at that moment in the bathroom.
There have been changes in attitudes about painting in the twenty-seven-and-a-half years that I have lived in Israel. There was once only one permissible reading of “contemporary art”. If young people painted at all it was with an intellectualized and apologetic sense. “I apologize that I am painting, and I apologize that you have to look at it.” The profundity of the change that has taken place since then is such that now you can find at major venues paintings by young artists that promise to stir the heart of an interior decorator.

All the same there are folks for whom painting has always been a vehicle of art. We are still here. I immodestly present several of them in this exhibit: Shamelessly Painting in 2006. It is also not by chance that this is a Jerusalem exhibit. There is a statement that Jerusalem has something to say in art, and I have only thanks for the members of Barbur, who have provided the platform for that statement.
Pesach Slabosky, curator of the show

Some images from the exhibition:

Meir Appelfeld                                          Nomi Bruckmann

Amnon Ben Ami                                       Pesach Slabosky

A meeting with

Bnei-Avraham Group Activists about



Monday, June 19, 20:00

Not enforcing the law on the jewish settlers, the government allows violent acts towards the local Palestinians in Hebron and creating a racial segregation, closing central routes and markets from Palestinian movement, turning the life of the locals to be unbearable.
During the last year, Bnei-Avraham activists have been visiting regularly in the city, protesting against the violence and closure of streets and conducting tours bringing more then 2000 people, among them politicians, diplomats and journalists, raising Israeli awareness to the difficult situation in Hebron.