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Gallery Talk


The group of second year students from Bezalel Art Academy decided to go for one weekend to Mizpe Ramon, small town in the South. They had fun, came back with a lot of photographs and video materials and did exhibition in Barbur. There are also a lot of questions.

Wednesday, July 26 at 19:00
meeting and conversation with the students participating in the exhibition “Mizpe”.

Took part in the project: Ariel Reichman, Noya Zeltzer, Ran Shauli, Moran Cohen, Amir Peri, Gal Frank, Eyal Aviv, Alex Mendelevich, Michal Baror, Lior Tzarchovski, Lena, Avital Weibern, Dafna Vesterman, Uri Gershuni, Dana Keren
Curators of the exhibition: Ariel Reichman, Noya Zeltzer, Ran Shauli

Images from the exhibition

Screenings at Barbur: West Beirut


Thursday 20.07, 21:00
A film by Ziad Doueiri (1998)

West Beirut
Arabic/French, English subtitles, no Hebrew translation available.

Poetry readings in Barbur


Monday, July 17, 20:00

A poetry reading and conversation with members
of Ktovet Group:
Shai Dotan, Ariel Zinder, Dorit Weisman, Yuval Yavne, Gilad Meiri, Lior Shternberg

Party in Barbur


Wednesday, July 5, 20:30:

We’ve finished the first stage of the reconstructions and the first year of activity,
so we’re throwing a Small Party in Barbur.

Screenings at Barbur

Mukanda Model


Thursday, June 27, 21:00

Mukanda Model
The film by Hai Cohen

The Director, Hai Cohen, was injured in 1986 diving into a swimming pool. After a period of adjustment, he found a man willing, in exchange for boarding and a monthly salary, to help him with the daily tasks he is now unable to perform such as showering, squeezing grapefruit juice or opening presents. This man’s name is Samuel Mukanda and he has lived in Hai’s home for the past 10 years. The relationship that develops between the two can almost be compared to the one a person might have with his own hands. But at the same time it is a great mystery. Samuel was born and raised in a small village in Northern Kenya. His wife and children live in a large stone house paid for by his wages. He spends with them one month each year. Since there is no electricity or running water life there revolves around basic tasks: Cultivating corn, collecting rain-water, and cooking over an open flame. Samuel’s life includes two such different worlds, and passing between them is almost like traveling through time. He journeys between the two, motivated by a strong sense of duty.

Gallery talk


Today, Wednesday, June 27, at 20:00 we’ll have the meeting with Meir Appelfeld, Amnon Ben Ami, Nomi Bruckmann and Pesach Slabosky – the artists that are exhibiting at the Barbur’s current show “Shamelessly Painting in 2006”