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TOTART in Barbur


Thursday 20:30 28.09


A meeting with Moscow artists
Anatoly Zhigalov and Natalia Abalakova

Natalia Abalakova and Anatoly Zhigalov have been working as artists since the begining of 1960-s. Since 1974 they have been partiсipating in exhibitions of independent artists. From the late 1970-s they have been realising their main Project: “An Exploration into the Essence of Art as applied to Life and to Art” (TOTART), in the framework of which they made numerous performances, actions, installations, paintings, graphics, objects and texts. Abalakova and Zhigalov work with various media techniques: slides, photographs, cinema and new technologies. Since 1985 they have been presenting video performances and installations.

They will talk about their work in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia and will review the current art scene in Russia.

A Meeting With Uri Amedi


Wednesday 19:30 27.09

We are inviting you to the meeting and coversation with
Uri Amedi
Director of Lev Hair Community Center

The Walls and People in Jerusalem


Tuesday 20:00 26.09

Relation of The Wall to Identity and Security, It’s influence
on society and culture

A meeting with Yonathan Mizrachi, author of “People of the Wall”
(“Pardes” Publishers)

For approximately two years Yoni Mizrachi worked as an archeologist at the building of the Separation Wall. During this period, he met a variety of people who became connected to the wall, by choice or out of necessity. Yoni will tell the story of these people, that is the story of the wall itself, and will give a survey of a number of walls that had been built and destroyed in Jerusalem during its long history, their influence on society, and on the link between indentity, faith, and feeling of belonging between people and the walls.

free entrance

Screenings in Barbur


Tuesday, September 19, 20:30

Screening of Ayelet Heller and Osnat Trabelsi film:
Red Fields

“The film portrays Palestinian strawberry growers whose lives are inevitably attached to Agrexco, Israel’s national produce exporter. They struggle to produce a crop for an Israeli national company that markets their product around the world, while simultaneously coming under attack from the Israel Defense Forces.”

An article about Osnat Trabelsi in Haaretz

Critical Reading and Research Workshop


On Monday, September 18 we’ve started a series of group meetings of Critical Reading and Research.
The workshop will be conducted by Niv Hachlili and will try to look at the texts around us and figure out how and what we can learn from them. What is a research project, how to conduct it, what can it be used for and in what sense does it pertain to our lives? Can independent communal platforms exist? Where does the individual fit within the system? What are his weaknesses and where does his strength lie?

Next meeting will take place in a two weeks on Monday, October 2.

New Exhibition: Without Prior Notice


New Exhibition: Without Prior Notice

Without Prior Notice – the artists of “fifth year” (Kalisher School of Art) in Barbur Gallery

In three months we will be putting up a collection of solo exhibitions in the Ramat Gan Museum. After a year of intensive work as a group in the framework of advanced studies. So why the urgency? Why invest precious time in an action that seems a distraction from the important issue? Without prior notice and out of context? Like a Freudian slip of the tongue?

The request to exhibit without prior notice entails coming with no preparations, no prior plans, without strategic thinking, without definitions of the group identity. One day: we had to come as we are, only the works. Therefore the works
that from the “content” point of view range from nostalgic to apocalyptic inspired in us – after the fact, of course, after putting up the works – surprisingly a feeling of suggested intimacy, of something personal, small, and exposed.

Without prior notice, therefore without many words.
(See you in three months in Tel Aviv)
The exhibition participants.

Screenings at Barbur

Madrid Before Hanita


Thursday August 17, 20:30

Screening Eran Tutbiner’s film:
Madrid Before Hanita

The movie tells the story of 300 jews from Palestine that volunteered for the Red Brigades during the Spanish Civil War in the years 1936-1939. The movie is a rare documentation of volunteers from this country who put the universal values of Democracy at the top of their priorities as they joined the international struggle against Fascism and who were willing to give their lives for this cause.

The movie features interviews with the last remaining volunteers still alive and combines personal accounts and letters by those who died in the struggle. The movie was made during 2002-2006 in Israel, Spain, France and Germany and features much archival footage from Israel and Spain.