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New exhibition in Barbur

Shamelessly Painting in 2006


On Tuesday, June 13 at 20:00 a new exhibition – Shamelessly Painting in 2006 – will be opened in Barbur.

Artists participating in the show:
Meir Appelfeld,
Amnon Ben Ami,
Nomi Bruckmann
Pesach Slabosky.

Group Exhibition Opening



Tuesday 20:00, 06.06

Group Exhibition Opening



Painting Workshop participants :
Avia, Ester, Bilha, Michal, Nofar, Rivka, Shira

The workshop have started about three months ago by Avi Sabach and in cooperation with the city unit for adolescents.
The works that are exhibited at the show were done during the workshop lessons.

Screenings at Barbur



Thursday, May 25, 21:00


a film by Shachar Cohen and Chalil Efrat

Shahar is an unemployed filmmaker. His father, Sleiman, suggests that Shahar should make a film about the Jewish Brigade, in which he served during WWII. Shahar becomes enthusiastic when he realizes that his father may have left some “souvenirs”, by having impregnated two Dutch women. He decides to make the film hoping to find his father’s lost off- springs.
They set out together in the trail of the Jewish Brigade, beginning in Israel, through Italy, Germany and ending in Holland with a surprising discovery.

Family or Country?


“The sickness spread everywhere. No longer were there individual destinies;
only a collective destiny, made of plague and the emotions shared by all.”

Albert Camus The Plague

Last Sunday, 14.05.2006, The Supreme Court of Israel issued a 6-5 decision upholding the legality the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, which limits the rights of Palestinians to live in Israel.
The law, passed by the Knesset in 2003, allows only Palestinian women 25 years or older and men 35 years or older to join their families in Israel and eventually be eligible for full citizenship. In its opinion, the majority held that the law does not infringe upon the constitutional rights of Israelis, and if it does, that harm is “measured.” The court’s minority wrote that the law violates the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty by infringing on the right to family life.

For better understanding of the supreme court’s decision and the future implications of it, we would like to suggest a series of lectures, screenings and meetings with lawyers and organisations dealing with relevant issues.
In doing so we hope to create an open and critical debate in which different voices are being heard allowing us to rethink and reconstruct our place as humans living in Israel-Palestine.

We started by screening Ayelet Bechar’s movie, Just Married, and continued with a discussion with the director, the participants of the movie and the lawyers Yael Berda and Mokhlis Abu Elhof.
For more information on the subject:

Screenings at Barbur

Just Married


Thursday, May 18, 20:00


Just Married
a film by Ayelet Bechar

‘Just Married’ is the story of two Palestinian couples who decided to marry knowing that it would be impossible for them to live together in Israel. For Kifah, the new law is a slap in the face. She is an educated career woman who is politically active and believes in coexistence and the peace process. She goes to live in Berlin with her Gaza-born spouse Yazed. Suhad, a 23-year-old student from Bethlehem, is engagrd to Rabee, who has an Israeli ID. After the wedding , she becomes an illegal resident in her new home Jerusalem. In order to visit her parents, she must sneak through the gaps in the concrete wall that is gradually rising around her. When she becomes pregnant, her journey is increasingly complicated.

After the screening there will be an open discussion
with the director Ayelet Bechar and people featured in the film,
together with the lawyers Lea Zemel, Mokhlis Abu El’hof and Yael Berda