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Barbur and Hazira present…


HaZira in cooperation with Barbur: Exposing independent Haifan art in Jerusalem

05.01.06 at 20:00
Opening of Shachar Sivan’s exhibition Paintings and Voodoo Dolls in the Venta Gallery.
This is the first of the two exhibitions of Haifan artists in Jerusalem. The second one will open in Barbur in February.

Venta Gallery at HaZira, 4 Rechavim street, Talpiot Industrial Zone

Screenings at Barbur

Short films


Tuesday 03.01 at 20:00

Evening of Short Films

In the program:

Short films of Yossi Atia and Itamar Ross:
“Movie about Berlin” (“Find Inga Blum”) and “Shirutrom”

Films of Miki Krazman and Boaz Arad: “untitled” and “21:40”

and more…
After the screening there will be music.

The Social-Economic Academy and Barbur invite……


The Social-Economic Academy and Barbur:

The second of four meetings of the course
Culture Policy in Israel and Jerusalem

Friday, 16.12.2005
9:00 -10:30 Adv. Gilad Barnea (former city council member, and Bagatz petitioner on behalf of the Open House): “Culture policy in Jerusalem: the municipality and the city’s cultural institutions”
10:30 -12:00 Sala-Manca Group and Barbur Project Space: “Making art in Jerusalem”

Admission: 25 NIS