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Screenings at Barbur

“White Walls”


Thursday 19.01 at 21:00
White Walls

a film by Meital Abukasis


There will be a meeting with Meital Abukasis after the screening.

Workshops at Barbur


Tuesday 17.01 at 19:00

A workshop with the script-writer Yossi Madmoni ( Melanoma My Love, Bat-Yam New-York)
Turning a personal and intimate story into TV series.
During the workshop Yossi Madmoni will show extracts of his recent works.

New exhibition at Barbur

Ronen Rashti – Soak


On Wednesday 11.01 a new exhibition was opened in Barbur:
Ronen Rashti – “Soak”

Poster.jpg    Poster.jpg

About five years ago, when we were students at Bezalel, Yaakov Mishori invited us to an exhibition opening in a new gallery, “Fluorescent”. That was a remarkable and outstanding event – up until the moment of the opening, the gallery space had been serving as a common studio space for five artists working together for a full year, who then set up the exhibition and turned the place into gallery. The group members were: Giora Karib, Ronen Rashti, Michal Herner, Ran Bar-Lev and Yael Admon. Yaakov Mishori, the teacher and the “Spiritual Father”, was taking active part in all the place activities. Fluorescent had from the start become an active and brimming place, hosting eight exhibitions, numerous parties and poetry evenings; but after a year, to great disappointment of many people, the gallery had closed and the group had dismantled.
It was at the first exhibition at Fluorescent that we first heard the name of Ronen Rashti. Ronen then exhibited big cardboards with paintings of exotic and very strange greenery. From the time of that first encounter and until the opening of the exhibition at Barbur we hadn’t met Ronen. The real encounter happened when he invited us to his studio in Southern Tel-Aviv. We went, had seen the new paintings, talked, and offered him to exhibit at Barbur. Since then we met a few more times – having a talk and asking questions.

Questions we’ve asked at Ronen

Conversation with Ronen Rashti at his studio

Conversation with Ronen Rashti at Nana’s Oman Al HaEsh (Artist On Fire)

The Social-Economic Academy and Barbur invite……


The Social-Economic Academy and Barbur:

The last of four meetings of the course
Culture Policy in Israel and Jerusalem

Friday, 06.01.2006
9:00 -10:30 “Culture Department of the Ministry of Education and the Role of Music Department in Defining the Cultural Policies in Israel”,
Lecturer: Mrs. Raya Zamran
10:30 -12:00 Workshop: “Jerusalem Municipality and Cultural Establishments in the City – a Bottom up Perspective”, Lecturer: Mr. Iche Bar

Barbur and Hazira present…


HaZira in cooperation with Barbur: Exposing independent Haifan art in Jerusalem

05.01.06 at 20:00
Opening of Shachar Sivan’s exhibition Paintings and Voodoo Dolls in the Venta Gallery.
This is the first of the two exhibitions of Haifan artists in Jerusalem. The second one will open in Barbur in February.

Venta Gallery at HaZira, 4 Rechavim street, Talpiot Industrial Zone

Screenings at Barbur

Short films


Tuesday 03.01 at 20:00

Evening of Short Films

In the program:

Short films of Yossi Atia and Itamar Ross:
“Movie about Berlin” (“Find Inga Blum”) and “Shirutrom”

Films of Miki Krazman and Boaz Arad: “untitled” and “21:40”

and more…
After the screening there will be music.