Thursday, June 22, 21:00

Leftovers from a Picnic, two video works by Joel Kantor

The video, Leftovers from a Picnic, No.1, was produced especially for the Jewish Film Festival held in Barcelona in 2001. The film focuses on life in central Tel Aviv, and follows a set of situations which reflect various aspects of Israeli life. From a cobbler (a Holocaust survivor) during his coffee break to Israel’s 50th anniversary celebrations, as they were celebrated in the “Tikvah Village”. The selection is 45 minutes long, edited from 100 hours of footage shot between 1996-2001 by photographer Joel Kantor.

Leftovers from a Picnic, No.2 is a ten minute documentary focusing on Jerusalem scenes of life. The film, made by Joel and Oren Kantor, was produced for an exhibition at the Agrippas 12 Gallery in 2005.

This is the first time these two films are being screened for the Israeli public.