Thursday 04/03 20:00

Openings of two new exhibitions:


Roi Carmeli and Elad Larom

Curator: Abraham Kritzman

100% legal

Video exhibition
Participants: Tal Engelstein, Yaron Atar, Lior Waterman, Yoav Weinfeld, Alon Sahar, Ruti Sela, Ravid Freedman and Roee Rosen

Curators: Danielle Kaganov and Tal Levi

Barbur Gallery is pleased to inaugurate a new video / cinema room with a collection of “100% legal” video works. The collection presents works by Israeli artists of different generations, who use worlds of images of crime, violence, street culture and popular culture. The artists participating in the group develop sophisticated tactics in order to escape from the conventional and conventional.

The name of the collection, “100% Legal”, refers to a caption that appeared on a packaging of drugs such as Hagiga, Nice Guy and Mabsuton, which became hugely popular in the early 2000s. Drug manufacturers at the time developed a sophisticated tactic to stay within the bounds of the law, while making sure to frequently change the composition of the active ingredients in the drug, as well as its packaging and shape. The works in the exhibition also present subversive positions in relation to the law, ones that do not explicitly challenge it but produce various forms of evasion from it.