These days, as we celebrate the gallery’s thirteenth year, while engaged in a wide variety of art, culture and community activities, we find ourselves in the midst of a difficult and exhausting struggle.

We are fighting against the Jerusalem municipality’s attempts to close the gallery by delaying payments and preventing funds illegally. Furthermore, the municipality is constantly engaging us with lawsuits aimed at minimizing and limiting our space of operation. As a result, today we are facing a severe budget crisis and the threat of being evacuated.

At this critical moment, we appeal with a personal and urgent request to our community members, friends and art lovers, to support us by contributing a small sum to ensure  the Gallery’s survival. We believe that in a joint effort we will be able to overcome these difficulties.

Over the years, Barbur Gallery has been carefully guarding the right to choose its artistic content. The gallery continues to have a rich community and social activity program that includes also discussions on controversial issues.

The Gallery’s space is an open public space for tolerant and respectful discussions. Let’s preserve these places that still exist.

There is a possibility to make a monthly contribution of  20 nis or more, or to give a one time donation of your choice.

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